A Girl's Childhood: Psychological Development, Social by Linda C. Mayes, Stephen Lassonde PDF

By Linda C. Mayes, Stephen Lassonde

Sixty years in the past, a gaggle of renowned psychoanalysts, developmentalists, pediatricians, and educators on the Yale baby research middle joined including the aim of formulating a basic psychoanalytic conception of children's early improvement. The group's participants composed distinct narratives approximately their paintings with the study's kids, interviewed households on a regular basis and visited them of their houses, and over the process a decade met per month for dialogue. The individuals to this quantity think about the importance of the kid examine Center's landmark learn from quite a few views, focusing relatively on one child's unfolding feel of herself, her gender, and her relationships.

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And yet, there are those who long for others who “remember them when,” people who knew them and their antics well enough to embarrass them by recounting tales from their youth. Those who have grown up in relatively stable families and communities tend to take relationships that stretch back through years of memories for granted. For those whose childhoods have been disrupted by abuse or chronic loss, fond memories of stable, caring relationships may be a longed-for luxury. Perhaps they have no one to hold their memories for them; perhaps the memories are too painful to hold.

It does mean that most parents, even given enormous variations in beliefs and child-rearing practices, successfully transmit to their children a sense that relationships can, and do, offer at least some stability and continuity. This allows children to move beyond the family with a sense that other people will be relatively welcoming, will respond reasonably to their needs and desires, and will be interested in what they have to offer. However, many young people who live on the street or in unstable living situations have not had the good fortune to have grown up in homes where they had the opportunity to form stable attachments early on.

She could tolerate not needing to know exactly what I was thinking. While my fantasy of her mother did not at all fit external reality, it did accurately reflect Barbara’s wish for a strong, sure, and protective mother, one who could tolerate her outbursts without either crumbling or resorting to sadistic retaliation. I believe that as Barbara shifted between her views of me as either excessively rigid and mean or, alternatively, weak and ineffectual, I must have conveyed in many ways that I had created an image that approximated, closely enough, her wish for a mother who was strong and powerful without being cruel.

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