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Val of current item /svalue 10 string def value svalue cvs % copy current value to string ( ) show show % space & cur. val as string xpos vpos moveto % to bottom left of cur. item width 0 rlineto % draw box ... 0 value factor mul rlineto width neg 0 rlineto closepath gsave % save outline % set gray shade currgray setgray fill grestore % fill bar & restore key-line stroke /currgray % increment gray level for % next bar currgray grayinc add def /vpos vpos value factor mul add % update vertical position def } def 44 /Times-Bold findfont 24 scalefont set font A POSTSCRIPT COOKBOOK % set font for title title dup stringwidth pop% get width of title 2 div 300 exch sub 90 moveto % pos'n for start of title show % show title /Times-Bold findfont 16 scalefont setfont % font for labels number 2 mul 1 add copy number % duplicate contents % ready to add them up pop total add /total exch def } repeat % get total of values 640 total div /factor exch def pop number {item} repeat pop stroke l def % get multip.

It also allows us to distort the characters in other ways, again without affecting the current graphics state. font show } def 2. USING 'IEXT 31 100 580 moveto (Reversed) reverse 100 480 moveto (Backslant) backslant 100 260 moveto (Uphill) uphill 100 160 moveto (Reflection) reflect showpage The program creates four procedures, reversed, backslant, uphill and reflect their effects on the text given them are obvious from the names. Each takes the basic Helvetica font and applies a matrix transformation to the characters of that font.

The main procedure, polygon assumes the presence of three objects on the stack; the diameter of the smallest circle which would enclose the required polygon, the number of sides and the level of gray with which the finished polygon will be filled. 8 polygon showpage The procedure polygon starts by saving the graphics state for later restoration, because the origin and gray level are changed during the procedure's operation. Next the three values are taken off the stack and assigned to the variables graylev, sides and diameter.

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