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By Nasreen Ali, Virinder S Kalra et al

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Indb 34 15/12/2005 08:39:15 The ‘Asian’ in Britain Avtar Brah The presence of Asian and other black people in Britain has added a new dimension to discussions about ‘culture’, ‘politics’ and ‘identity’. This chapter is an attempt to identify how, and in what ways, the various debates acquired saliency during the different phases of black settlement in Britain after the Second World War with particular emphasis on the period between the 1950s to the 1980s. It examines how the figure of ‘the Asian’ was constructed in different discourses, policies and practices; and how these constructions were appropriated or contested by the political agency of Asian subjects.

Given the homology between racial practices in Nazi Germany and normalised practices in the rest of the world subject to European coloniality, it is worth asking what circumstances motivated the invention and formulation of racism as a concept describing German imperial practices across Europe, especially when these practices resembled those carried out by European authorities in the colonised territories? Each one of the racialised techniques of social exclusion, segregation, demonisation, marginalisation and violence was already operating under the rule of coloniality.

According to the stereotype, the Asian was an undesirable who ‘smelled of curry’, was ‘dirty’, wore ‘funny clothes’, lived ‘packed like sardines in a room’, practiced ‘strange religions’, and so forth (Brah, 1979). As the number of Asian and other black children in schools increased, many white parents began to demand that the local schools restrict their intake. In response, a number of local authorities began to introduce quotas for the proportion of black pupils permitted to enrol in a particular school.

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