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The bitter song, The heavy load that I' ll never share, tho' the offer's still there Every time you turn around. And yours is the open road. The bitter song, The heavy load that I' ll never share, tho' the offer's still there Every nme you turn around. ( r ( ( ( 62 BETWEEN THE BREAKS... LIVE] THE WITCH OF THE WESTMORLAND Words and Music by Archie Fisher, Keady Music. C. " She said "Pray, sheathe thy silvery sword.

Miles gone away She is always best under full press Hard over as she' ll lay Who will know the Bluenose in the sun? Who will know the Bluenose in the suns Bridge That proud, fast Queen of the Grand Banks Fleet Portrayed on every dime Knew hard work in her time... hard work in every hne The nch men's toys of the Gloucester boys With their token bit of cod They snapped their spars and strained to pass her by But she left them all behind Now her namesake daughter remains to show what she has been What every schoolboy remembers and will not come agam To think she's the last of the Grand Banks Schooners That fed so many men And who will know the Bluenose in the sun?

Dy choose And be. C. You know, I could not feel sorry, tho' it was such a sad story That I felt so much I thought I might break Each man follows his fanmes, knows the odds and takes his chances And in the end gets whatever he takes Well, so it was with my old fnend who followed his own end And was worn like the holes in his shoes And neither wisdom nor cunnmg could slow the pace or change the running Of a race he always knew he would lose. 4. ken wing And I'm left a — lone to hear the song l5 5I 5l a lone — ly can — die sings Coffee houses bother me.

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