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1). When Hjelmslev says that a process is unimaginable without a system behind it, he does not mean that the system should be immediately accessible for observation, but that "the existence of a system is a necessary premiss for the existence of a process: the process comes into existence by virtue of a system's being present behind it, a system which governs and determines it in its possible development ... On the other hand, a system is not unimaginable without a process; the existence of a system does not presuppose the existence of a process.

P. 37), is what he says here about the text. It might be expected that in speaking of the "process" of a text Hjelmslev also meant: an analyzed textual process, thus, a text already analyzed in some way, by trial and error - to which a system is to be ordered by describing the various relations between the elements. But -in the above quotation we find the express statement that the only thing that is given the linguistic investigator is "the as yet unanalyzed text". The only way to fit this into the rest is to take the term "un-analyzed" in the sense of "not yet analyzed by Hjelmslev's final controlling analysis", and not in the sense most readers would give it: a text never yet analyzed, of which we do not know where one sentence or word ends and another begins.

3, 1954, p. 249, 250. f. L. L. Hammerich, Les glossematistes danois et leurs methodes, Acta Philologica Scandinavica, 21 Aargang, I. Haefte p. 1-21. 1950. A. :\Iartinet: Au sujet des Fondements de la Theorie linguistique de Louis Hjelmslev. , wanting to find a and to recognize the units of a certain language independently of their substance. And indeed many statements in OSG and other papers are worded in such a way as definitely to give this impression. Especially in his earlier publications it is stressed over and over again that "die Definitionen und die Erkenntnis der Einheiten .

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