Dieter Radaj, Michael Vormwald's Advanced Methods of Fatigue Assessment PDF

By Dieter Radaj, Michael Vormwald

In 5 chapters, this quantity offers fresh advancements in fatigue evaluation. within the first bankruptcy, a generalized Neuber thought of fictitious notch rounding is gifted the place the microstructural aid elements rely on the notch beginning attitude in addition to the loading mode. the second one bankruptcy specifies the notch rigidity issue together with the stress power density and J-integral notion whereas the SED method is utilized to universal fillet welded joints and to thin-sheet lap welded joints within the 3rd bankruptcy. The forth bankruptcy analyses elastic-plastic deformations within the close to crack tip quarter and discusses driver parameters. The final bankruptcy discusses thermomechanical fatigue, rigidity, and pressure ranges.

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The result is independent of the applied failure criterion, as already stated by Neuber. 5 is confirmed by the approximation of sÃmax for blunt cracks (Creager and Paris 1967) which may be interpreted as a parabolic notch solution. 3 Fictitious Notch Rounding for Out-of-Plane Shear Loading KIII sÃmax ¼ pffiffiffiffiffiffi pq ðq ¼ qf ¼ sqÃ Þ sffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2 sà ¼ KIII pqà 31 ð1:39Þ ð1:40Þ Further comparison values of s can be obtained from the analytical solution for the out-of-plane shear-loaded parabolic notch (Neuber 1985, pp.

The out-of-plane shear loaded crack (mode 3) and the corresponding fictitious elliptical notch in comparison can be dealt with in analogy to Eqs. 9), considering the out-of-plane shear stress sà as relevant (Radaj and Zhang 1992): rffiffiffi  sà t ¼ 1 þ Kt ¼ max ð1:35Þ q sÃn sffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2 à pffiffiffiffiffi à s pt ð1:36Þ s ¼ pqà n sffiffiffiffiffi rffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2t t ¼ 1 þ qà sqà 1 s ¼ pffiffiffi pffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi2 2 À qà =t ð1:37Þ ð1:38Þ The result for qà ? 0 or t ? 5. 71. The result is independent of the applied failure criterion, as already stated by Neuber.

An ambiguity (not a contradiction) in the values of s reported by Neuber for out-of-plane shear loading should be mentioned. 0 is recommended for structural design, considering structural notches with finite notch radius (Neuber 1968). 5 results from Eq. 42) with q = 0 and qà ( t. 87. Once more, the tendency of enlarged values of s for increasing values of q is found. Another comparison value of s can be obtained from the solution for the out-ofplane shear-loaded keyhole notch (Kullmer 1992; Radaj et al.

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