Soo I. Chung, Sung Keun Chang, Enzo T. Cocuzzi, J. E. Folk,'s Advances in Post-Translational Modifications of Proteins and PDF

Extro seq Fig. 5. Transmembrane region Comparison of GP-I structures in various proteins. 23 sequencing. The A subunit is composed of 731 . ino acids including an activation peptide (37 . ino acids), an active site (-Tyr-Gly-Gln-CysGlu-), a putative calcium binding site(s), and a thrombin-inactivation site. The functional regions of the A subunit appear to be located in separate exons of its gene. The ~ subunit consists of 641 amino acids including ten tandem repeats that are homologous with those in at least 13 other proteins.

Intra- cellular FXIII has been detected in platelets, placenta, uterus, megakaryo12-14 cytes and prostate tissue. FXIII has also been demonstrated in monocytes and in peritoneal macrophages using both immunochemical and immunohis15-17 tochemical techniques. Although FXIII is evident in various tissue types, the actual site(s) of synthesis have not been extensively studied. 5 Fig. 2. 35S-methionine biosynthetic labeling of U937 cells. 6 35 U937 cells (6 x 10 ) were labeled in vitro by Smethionine in methionine-free, serum-free media.

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