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And Cross, B. E. (1997). Utilizing Research on Prospective Teachers‟ beliefs to Inform Urban Field Experiences. The Urban Review, 29(2), 113-124. Tilemma, H. and Kremer-Hayon, L. (2005). Facing ddilemmas: teachereducators‟ ways of constructing a pedagogy of teacher education. Teaching in Higher Education, 10(2), pp. 203-217. Tripp, D. (1994). Teachers‟ lives, critical incidents, and professional practice. Qualitative studies in Education, 7, 65-76. Uhlenbeck, A. , and Beijaard, D. (2002). Requirements for an Assessment Procedure for Beginning Teachers: Implications from Recent Theories on Teaching and Assessment.

For men, higher self-esteem was related to increased body satisfaction and higher levels of healthy dieting. Results also extended the line of research by demonstrating how romantic relationships are linked to dieting and self-esteem in different ways for men and women. Specifically, it was found that women with higher levels of self-esteem had male partners with higher levels of dieting. Furthermore, men who were more satisfied with the romantic relationship had female partners who were more satisfied with their bodies and dieted less.

Buchmann, M. (1986). Role over person: Morality and Authenticity in teaching. Teacher’s College Record, 87, 529-543. Bullough, R. V. (1991). Exploring personal teaching metaphors in presevice teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education, 42, 43-51. Burden, P. R. (1981). Teacher’s perceptions of their personal and professional development. A. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED210258). Byrne, B. M. (1999). The Nomological Network of Teacher Burnout: A literature review and Empirically Validated Model.

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