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G. Jung replaced Dr. Schweizer and I trained to become an analyst. During the years of training I was often struck by the similarities and parallels between the individual approach of Jungian analysis and the collective approach of Alcoholics Anonymous. Eventually it became a goal to somehow bring the two together in one work, showing how they could mutually support and complement each other in attempts to come to grips with the problem of alcoholism. This book is a product of that effort. As for the particular focus on alcoholism in women, that comes from a combination of feminist tendencies and observations over the years about alcoholics of both sexes.

Certainly the main reasons have to do with the deep social changes in traditional feminine and masculine roles. Until recently, although they were considered unequal and different, women at least had a subculture in which to evolve. In this maternal, female world, where feminine values prevailed, there was little opportunity for a sense of individual selfhood and autonomy, but at least it did provide a sense of collective gender solidarity and identity. Women could remain in that paradise in a more or less unconscious state, and men were happy to stay outside in the "real" world.

Jung. Cover: Head of the young Dionysos, god of wine. Late Hellenistic carving, found near Rome. (British Museum) Glossary and Index by Daryl Sharp. Printed and bound in Canada by Webcom Limited Page 5 Contents Preface 7 Introduction 9 1 Medical Background and Theoretical Models Alcoholism as Pathology 15 Lay Models of Alcoholism 18 The Impaired Model 18 The Dry Moral Model 20 The Wet Moral Model 21 The Alcoholics Anonymous Model 24 Professional Models 28 The Old Medical Model 28 The New Medical Model 30 Old Psychological-Analytic Models 32 New Psychological Models 38 The Family Interaction Model 40 2 Jungian Concepts and Alcoholism What Jung Said about Alcoholism 43 Critique of Theoretical Models 45 Moralistic versus Moral 45 Materialism versus Meaning 47 Classification versus Understanding 49 3 Archetypal Patterns in Alcoholism The Dionysian and the Apollonian 52 The Female Drinker 57 Two Women's Stories 60 A Housewife 61 A Singer 65 Aesklepios, Apollo and Alcoholics Anonymous 69 The Masculine Spirit in Women 75 4 The Woman Alcoholic Four Case Histories 79 Colette 79 Page 6 Solange 86 Roberta 90 Noelle 95 Psychological Factors 101 The Mother Complex 102 The Father Complex 106 The Parental Marriage 108 The Secret 109 Summary 110 Archetypal Motifs 111 In Search of the Feminine 113 Conclusion 118 Appendix 1 Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Steps 121 Appendix 2 Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Traditions 122 Appendix 3 The Bill W.

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