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By Peter J. Eccles

This e-book eases scholars into the trials of collage arithmetic. The emphasis is on realizing and developing proofs and writing transparent arithmetic. the writer achieves this by way of exploring set idea, combinatorics, and quantity idea, subject matters that come with many primary principles and should no longer be part of a tender mathematician's toolkit. This fabric illustrates how generic principles may be formulated conscientiously, presents examples demonstrating quite a lot of simple tools of evidence, and comprises many of the all-time-great vintage proofs. The publication provides arithmetic as a consistently constructing topic. fabric assembly the desires of readers from quite a lot of backgrounds is integrated. The over 250 difficulties comprise inquiries to curiosity and problem the main capable pupil but additionally lots of regimen routines to assist familiarize the reader with the fundamental principles.

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The author is indebted to very many people who have knowingly or unknowingly influenced the material in this book or who have provided specific advice. I would in particular like to acknowledge the contributions of the following: Pyotr Akhmet’ev, Michael Barratt, Francis Coghlan, Mark Eccles, Michael Eccles, Pamela Eccles, Douglas Gregory, Brian Hartley, Martin Huxley, John King-Hele, E. R. Winn and Reg Wood. In addition I wish to thank the staff of Cambridge University Press for their careful editorial work and an anonymous referee whose report on a preliminary version was extremely helpful.

Thus if 14m + 20n = 101 this means that 101 is an even number. 4 for a formal proof but we would usually assert this without proof) and so we have two contradictory statements about 101 giving a contradiction as required. The proof is quite short when written out in final form. Notice that we include the phrase ‘for contradiction’ in the first sentence in order to indicate the method we are using. Proof Suppose for contradiction that m and n are integers such that 14m + 20n = 101. Then, since 14 is even and 20 is even, 101 = 14m + 20n = 2(7m + 10n) is even.

Of course some symbols are used but it is a good practice when writing mathematics to read it out aloud to check that when the symbols are converted into words (‘a is less than b’ in the first sentence of the above proof for example) what you have written is a sensible piece of prose. We do sometimes use more symbols so that the above proof might have been written out as follows. Proof For positive integers a and b, a < b (a2 < ab and ab < b2) a2 < b2. Hence a < b a2 < b2. † However, I would encourage the reader to beware of using too many symbols in writing out proofs at this stage as it makes it much harder to be clear that what you are writing is conveying what you intend.

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