Annoying the French Encore! by Stephen Clarke PDF

By Stephen Clarke

We’ve been stressful the French for one thousand years. yet do you know that, as lately as 2010:

When the French and British navies attempted to hitch forces, nuclear submarines collided, an coincidence that France’s Minister of Defence blamed on shrimps. It used to be Trafalgar yet again – yet with seafood.
The americans infuriated the French by way of arresting Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a member of France’s political élite, after which treating him like a typical suspect. Ce n’est pas normal!
With either a royal marriage ceremony and a jubilee, the Brits confirmed the French what a rash thought it used to be to decapitate their king.
When David Cameron walked out of a eurosummit, he provoked a volley of comical anti-Anglais insults from French politicians.

Stephen Clarke studies every little thing the English-speaking international has been doing lately to make sure that France hangs directly to its nationwide inferiority complicated. For the French, the merde by no means ends

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Spike Milligan's Puckoon PDF

Puckoon is Spike Milligan's vintage slapstick novel, reissued for the 1st time because it used to be released in 1963.

'Pops with the erratic brilliance of a clumsy fit in a field of fireworks' day-by-day Mail
[b]In 1924 the Boundary fee is tasked with developing the recent reputable department among Northern eire and the Irish Republic. via incompetence, dereliction of accountability and sheer perversity, the border finally ends up working during the heart of the small city of Puckoon.

Houses are divided from outhouses, husbands separated from better halves, bars are bring to a halt from their consumers, church buildings sundered from graveyards. And in the course of all of it is terrible Dan Milligan, our feckless protagonist, who's taunted and manipulated via every body (including the sadistic writer) to attempt and make a few feel of this mess . . .

'Bursts on the seams with terrific comedian characters curious about unbelievably most probably issues at the Irish border' Observer

'Our first comedian philosopher' Eddie Izzard

Spike Milligan was once one of many maximum and so much influential comedians of the 20 th century. Born in India in 1918, he served within the Royal Artillery in the course of WWII in North Africa and Italy. on the finish of the warfare, he solid a occupation as a jazz musician, sketch-show author and performer, prior to becoming a member of forces with Peter dealers and Harry Secombe to shape the mythical Goon exhibit. till his loss of life in 2002, he had good fortune as on level and reveal and because the writer of over 80 books of fiction, memoir, poetry, performs, cartoons and children's tales.

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Indeed, the impetus for theorizing cultural citizenship grew out of a desire to build community and secure rights among those experiencing exclusion from the larger national body. It is not a foregone conclusion that second-­class citizens will take up arms or rhetorically combat the system or groups maintaining their subordination. While many minority comics perform charged humor, they do not have to and we should not assume that they do or will; they are under no obligation to use humor to engender community or speak out against bigotry.

We’re there, every day, early [ people start cheering and whistling]. Let me give you some examples—­Taco Bell had some tainted green onions, [assumes a mock “White” accent] “Oh god, I got E. ” [Resumes normal voice] Some tainted green onions showed up at Taco Bell, okay, White people get E. coli—­the ­whole world fucking stops. Who picks the onions? [Cheers] Latinos! You talk shit about us it gets down to the fields [laughter and cheering]. I didn’t hear you, what did they say about us? They don’t want us ­here, ­we’re lazy, and ­we’re depleting the system?

Tele­vi­sion and film are subject to censorship not just by the Federal Communications Commission; a film’s or show’s content is also subject to network standards that are in turn supported by advertisers. If the content is polarizing, advertisers may lose out on a portion of a desirable market. Networks choose content carefully to avoid objectionable material that could cost them advertisers. ”33 Not a ­whole lot has changed. Sometimes satirical, but always politicized, charged humor, especially coming from an unknown comic, is not conducive to prime time tele­vi­sion, historically or today.

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