Anti-Communist Minorities in the U.S.: Political Activism of by Ieva Zake (eds.) PDF

By Ieva Zake (eds.)

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2 (1995): 131–57. cfm. , January 20; March 10 and 23, 1945. Ethnic Anti-Communism in the United States 21 34. , June 26, 1945, and January 8, 1946. 35. See, for example, Stanislaus A. Blejwas, “Polska Ludowa i Polonia amerykańska (1944–1956),” Przegląd Polonijny 22, no. 1 (1996): 9–41. 36. Sławomir Cenckiewicz, Oczami bezpieki: Szkice i materiały z dziejów aparatu bezpieczeństwa PRL (Kraków: Arcana, 2006). html, and Michael Szporer, “The Security Forces and Polish Communism: Reclaiming History from Myth,” Journal of Cold War Studies 9, no.

S. Congress on March 12, 1947. S. government to offer military aid to Greece and Turkey. Both were located on the fringes of the Soviet realm, and Greece, in particular, was faced with a serious threat to its internal stability from a powerful Communist insurgency. But Truman went further than calling for aid to these two states and declared, “I believe it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.

George F. Kennan was one of many who thought the speech went too far in its sweep. S. containment policy of the Soviet Union. See George F. Kennan, Memoirs: 1925–1950 (Boston: Little Brown, 1967), 333–41, 376–78. 20. Robert D. , “Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Cold War Political Culture, Polish American Politics, the Truman Doctrine, and the Victory Thesis,” The Polish Review 51, nos. 3–4 (2006): 273. 21. Ubriaco, “Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due,” 278; David McCullough, Truman (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1992), 683–84, 713.

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