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By Robert Bruce

This can be the significant FIRST variation of Astral Dynamics

The first version of Astral Dynamics (the e-book you're now analyzing approximately) incorporates a good deal of content material that was once dropped from the 2009 moment version to save lots of area. those are basically really varied books. most folk wish either those notable books, so we confident Robert Bruce to provide an booklet model of the unique First variation of Astral Dynamics, with complete colour illustrations and different advancements. this primary variation went out of print in 2009.

THE FIRST version OF ASTRAL DYNAMICS - in a single interesting quantity, Robert Bruce collected jointly a private narrative, a "how-to", a troubleshooting advisor, and a theoretical point of view at the nonphysical constitution underlying the unusual and multidimensional lifestyles all of us lead. even if you're a skeptic, a veteran astral projector, a beginner, or an armchair visitor, there is treasure right here. it truly is in a category on its own. What he says the following earrings precise. in truth, it does much more than ring precise. It opens doorways. Astral Dynamics offers the clever and inspired reader with every little thing had to placed idea into perform.

The book's six elements can be learn every one all alone, yet they've been put to construct well one upon the opposite.

Part One, "Elements of Projection", offers Robert's concept of what really is going on while the projectable astral double leaves the actual physique. This in itself, correct out of the gate, is interesting terrain. His conception of the implications of the mind-split that effects from projection is itself well worth the rate of the booklet.

Part , "NEW strength Ways", offers his stunningly sensible approach to elevating strength and knowledge by utilizing contact, which he calls Tactile Imaging. i've got attempted this system on part a dozen humans, chosen roughly at random, each one of whom bought the specified information inside of seconds! after which, as though the hot approach to visualization were not adequate, Robert proceeds to explain the character and anatomy of our power our bodies, an outline firmly rooted in his personal own explorations.

Part 3, "Core Skills", builds in this origin, demonstrating the right way to be triumphant on the 3 projects which are necessary to good fortune in astral projection: deep actual leisure, taming the brain, and reaching the trance nation.

Part 4, "Projection go out and Technique", tells you what you want to be aware of to prevent interpreting approximately astral projection and really do it.

Part 5, "The Akashic Connection", proceeds into the world of the theoretical, no longer for the sake of having misplaced in thought, yet with the intention to make feel of items noticeable and heard. relatively fascinating is Robert's description of the character and that means of what he calls the Akashic Pulse. As to his description and research of the astral planes, the silver twine, the etheric physique, and the Akashic checklist — I doubt that those were equaled anyplace within the subject's large smooth literature. i'm convinced that they've now not been excelled.

Part Six, "Strange Astral Phenomena", takes on a couple of conundrums which are worthy exploring. Projection into greater geographical regions; fact fluctuations; astral noise; what Robert calls astral flora and fauna, and astral combat... he covers the turf because it hasn't been lined to this point. And he does it so casually, in so unpretentious a way, his temper starting from private awe to casually joking, with the entire diversity between.

If you might have any curiosity in any respect within the topic of astral projection, lucid dreaming — greater realization generally — you are going to love this ebook. I are expecting that it'll turn into a vintage, learn and valued for a few years to come back.

Frank DeMarco - Chairman, Hampton Roads Publishing corporation, Inc., VA.

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Robert Bruce is the writer of six groundbreaking books exploring such mysteries because the human strength physique, the out-of-body adventure, Kundalini, mind's-eye imaginative and prescient, religious and psychic improvement, metaphysics, clairvoyance, and psychi

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The Incredible Mind-Split Exactly what departs from the physical body and brain during an OBE? How does this happen? What, if anything, is left behind to watch over the sleeping physical body? What safeguards and protects die continuing integrity of the original copy of mind and memory during an OBE? Many people, not surprisingly, are fearful of attempting projection because these questions have not been satisfactorily answered. Half-baked theories, assumptions, stories, legends, and myths abound.

Grasping that there can be multiple reflected copies of a single mind, all existing and functioning simultaneously and independently on different dimensional levels, can take a bit of a mind flip. But that's essentially what happens. Understanding the mind-split and the true nature of humankind's multidimensional existence is extremely important. The mind-split effect makes sense of a great deal of the often confusing and conflicting data available on OBE. It greatly simplifies the understanding of OBE, and provides insight into some of the more esoteric and mind-boggling complexities of inter-dimensional relationships and operations in general.

Why would it be left empty? I now had firsthand evidence that the mind splits, reflecting itself into two or more identical and independently thinking aspects during a projection. My projected double moved with some difficulty, carefully observing and studying its physical body in the chair, while the physical aspect of me watched it back and tried to do the same. This was no mean feat and took some very real effort on both sides. The nausea and mental pressure steadily increased in both aspects.

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