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By Joscelyn Godwin

Looking to resolve some of the interpretations of Atlantis and its kindred myths of Lemuria and Mu, Professor Joscelyn Godwin indicates how the legends of Atlantis cross hand-in-hand with the idea that of cyclical background, equivalent to the Vedic method of the 4 Yugas, the Mayan calendar with its 2012 end-date, the theosophical approach of root races, and the precession of the equinoxes.

This research completely reports the rationalist and occultist writings on Atlantis together with the paintings of G. I. Gurdjieff, Julius Evola, Edgar Cayce, Dion Fortune, and Rene Guenon. It additionally examines the similar issues of reincarnation, human evolution, the origins of race, and disaster theory.

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At the moment when this island had disappeared with all the peoples which inhabited it, the Austral Race held the universal empire and dominated the Sudeen which was hardly beyond a state of barbarism, and was still in the childhood of social state. 14 Fabre d’Olivet adds that only the Egyptians, as testified by Solon in Plato’s Atlantean texts, preserved a true account of this people and their vanished land. indd 40 11/1/10 4:56:46 PM The French Esoteric Tradition a 41 After the fall of the Austral Race, it was the turn of the Sudeen or Black race.

81 Many of them come from the “Cerritos del Valle de Tacriqua,” mounds built by a prehistoric race different in character from any tribes known since the discovery of America, and of a more advanced civilization. Requena tentatively accepts Scott-Elliot’s theory of races (see chapter 4) and reproduces his map of a large Atlantic island, 82 but there is nothing occult about his own work. As a medical doctor, he was particularly struck by the number of skulls with depressed foreheads and bulging at the back.

Its preoccupations were the stars and the destiny of the soul; its greatest talents, ocean navigation and moving large stones. Its legacy is the megalithic monuments of northwest Europe, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, India, Cambodia, and the Pacific islands. Much more might be found if we could properly explore the coastal shelves that were submerged after the end of the Ice Age. 99 Bauval’s crucial intuition was that the three pyramids of Giza were laid out to replicate the configuration of the three stars of Orion’s Belt, and that to make the replication accurate, one has to go back to the position of those stars circa 10,500 BCE.

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