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-Enhanced sixth variation comprises extra illustrations and documented figures -A excellent reference for hematological and oncological departments and the clincal labortory -Classified findings from the area well-being association

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The nucleus is expelled through the cell membrane. Particularly when erythropoiesis is increased, examination of the smear will reveal nests or islands of erythroblasts with central reticulum cells whose cytoplasm is in close contact (metabolic exchange) with the surrounding erythroblasts (Fig. 4 f). 29 4 · Individual Cells Fig. 4 a – d a b c d IV 30 Chapter IV · Blood and Bone Marrow Fig. 4 e – f IV e f 31 4 · Individual Cells Erythrocytes (Figs. 5 a – h, 6 a – i) The morphologic evaluation of erythrocytes is based on the following criteria: – Size – Shape – Hemoglobin: concentration, distribution – Stainability – Distribution in the smear – Inclusions Normal erythrocytes (Fig.

Elliptocytes (ovalocytes) (Fig. 5 e) result from an inherited anomaly of erythrocyte shape that is usually innocuous but may be linked to a propensity for hemolytic anemia (elliptocytic anemia). Basophilic stippling (Fig. 5 f) of erythrocytes is a sign of increased but abnormal regeneration. It is particularly common in lead poisoning. The normal prevalence of basophilic stippling is 0 – 4 erythrocytes per 10,000 Polychromatic erythrocytes (Fig. 5 g) (diam. 7 – 8 lm), Cabot rings. Polychromasia occurs when mature erythrocytes show increased staining with basic dyes (violet stain) in addition to hemoglobin staining.

The reticulum cells described and counted in cytologic preparations from bone marrow, lymph nodes, and spleen form a heterogeneous group. A large portion belong to the macrophage system and are derived from blood monocytes. They also include segregated vascular and sinus endothelial cells in addition to dendritic cells belonging to the stroma. The reticulum cells of the bone marrow constitute the reticular or spongy tissue of the bone marrow in which the actual hematopoietic cells reside. Apparently they perform important tasks relating to nutrition and differentiation of the blood cell precursors.

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