Atlas of Stereochemistry: Absolute Configurations of Organic by W. Klyne, John B. Buckingham PDF

By W. Klyne, John B. Buckingham

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95, 105)- (+) decolln-I,5dlone ~ [/J 0 ~ [/J 5. (4S,9S, IOS)-(+)4-hydroxy-ldecolone. Ae by ORD [ / J Stereolsomers [ / J [/J c;p 8. [I] 9. (5S, 9S , lOS H+) 5-hydroxyI-decolone. AC by ORD [ / J o HWH COOH II. (IS,4R, 7R, 10R)- (-) frlqulnocene -2-corboxyI1c aCid [3J H 1[5J [3J o o 12. (IS, 4R, 7R, 10R)- (+) 2,3- 13. 0 4 , IO J t"cyclodecon -2dlhydrotnqUlnacen - 2- one By CD (,By-unsaturated ketone) [3J one. By CD (octant rule) [3J o 14. -5-hydrOxy-loctolone 1. P. Baumann and V. Prelog,Helv. Chim.

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