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By Leonard W. King

One in every of Leonard King's works from the early days of Assyriology in 1896. This paintings is "The Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand," and represents the cuneiform texts of a gaggle of Babylonian and Assyrian incantations and magical formulae edited with transliterations, translations, and entire vocabulary from drugs of the Kuyunjik collections preserved within the British Museum. Contents: Prayers addressed to: Deities; Gods; Goddesses; Astral Deities; Prayers opposed to the evils; Vocabulary.

I stumbled on this model on the web and apparently to be a pretty decently scanned replica from a library (Kansas urban it seems), as evidenced by means of the date stamps within the disguise. whereas the ISBN references a extra smooth re-print, this seems to be a replica of the unique print.

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Ma pi-ya up(vr ip)-tar-ri-du, cf. KNUDTZON, Assyrische Gebete an den Sonnengott* Vol. II, p. 42, Leipzig 1893. 17. For the explanation of bubbulum Moon's) disappearance" cf. (the have taken as an abbreviation of I Alight be possible to It: umi "o god! read the foundation of (that) day a power unrivalled etc", teferring to the thirtieth day of group is 1 plant 1. day of JENSEN, Kosmologie, pp. 91, 106. | ma as "the ilu The :|y|jl 4 of Rxn. V, which the names of plants are enumerated in short This plant may have been so named prescriptions.

I, special and should be rendered by "astromore general rendering "portent", meaning attaching to the of the other passages in which 1. 29 f. 1TI word is in to be THE ECLIPSE-FORMULA. 1 1 in the same hymn (cf. supra p. 8) ID occurs with the dual as well as the plural-sign. 1 Morever in No. 6, 1. 114 f. i-da-tu-u-a occurs in parallelism with sunat^ l-u-a and must fact that somewhat similar meaning to that of ID in the present passage. The meaning of the formula may therefore be regarded as practically settled though the Semitic equivalent of 777 is still a matter of some uncertainty.

Indeed translated by SAYCE (Hibbert Lectures, p. )" and in a footnote he gives the following three reasons for his translation: in 4345, Col. Ill, 1. TIR preceded by the derminative the husk of a seed. different signification from combination with ti-a-ru and preceded by the de- all PRAYER TO DAMKINA terminative (= and \\]t> ETC. 23 the second place the determinative in kwiii) denotes not "the husk of a seed", but "field cf. JENSEN, II, p. 31 and ZA III, p. 235. TIR is therefore probably an edible herb or serial.

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