Download e-book for iPad: Beat Slay Love: One Chef's Hunger for Delicious Revenge by Gary Phillips, Katy Munger, Thalia Filbert, Taffy Cannon,

By Gary Phillips, Katy Munger, Thalia Filbert, Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, Lise McClendon

Like your fish fry and your intercourse additional highly spiced? Your murders saucy and performed to a flip? Plunge into the interesting and aggressive global of nutrients media tradition, during this wry, witty crime tale the place leading edge takes on a brand new that means while megastar cooks throughout the United States begin dying.

Debut writer Thalia Filbert’s darkish, comedian send-up of serial killers, foodstuff mysteries, chick lit, and the long-lasting devour Pray Love unearths the candy spot among appetizers and dessert during this rollicking journey from sea to shining sea. From color-themed dinners to Maine lobster pots, from fish fry to huckleberries, this secret is filled to the gills with knives, mayhem, and laughs.

Wronged by means of those that scouse borrow her recipes, ridicule her weight, and denigrate her abilities, one chef has grew to become in her apron to plow new territory-- her overpowering starvation for revenge. addicted to how tasty payback could be, quickly she is bumping off recognized cooks with staggering culinary flair.

Food blogger Jason Bainbridge is seeking his colossal holiday and starts to work out a trend within the killings. He types an uneasy alliance with cool, hard-charging FBI agent Kimberly Douglas because the seek heats as much as capture the horny, chef-obsessed killer.

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