Beyond Right and Left: New politics and the culture wars - download pdf or read online

By David McKnight

Maps the dying of politics in keeping with the conventional competition among Left and correct, and provides a provocative argument for the emergence of a brand new values-based politics in Australia.

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The patients who used to come in for tenday stints now come in for two. QX5 13/7/05 1:29 PM Page 27 A world made by markets 27 At the other end of the scale, unemployment remains high even during boom times. In some regional areas, it persists at above 10 per cent, while long-term unemployment is concentrated among school leavers, mature workers and the non-English-speaking. Despite apparent drops in official unemployment figures, about one in eight workers is under-employed. Casual jobs accounted for three-quarters of new jobs in the 1990s.

QX5 13/7/05 1:29 PM Page 54 54 Beyond Right and Left theories of Friedman. In 1981, Margaret Thatcher revealed to the House of Commons the source of her unorthodox conservative views: ‘I am a great admirer of Professor Hayek. ’3 In her second term, an even more unexpected policy was added to the mix; it went by the ugly neologism of ‘privatisation’. In 1984, British Telecom was sold to investors, followed by British Gas, British Petroleum, British Airways and British Steel. All of this was done rapidly and was radically new—not just to the British public, but also to the Conservative Party.

Credit for this revolt has been largely claimed by the Left, but its effects were far deeper and more complex. While the conservative moral order enforced by government and churches was flouted, it was only a matter of time before all sorts of other restrictive regulatory policies, including those on businesses (small and large), came under fire. 2 Such were also the terms of Left libertarianism of the 1960s. The Thatcher revolution This deeper sea change first came to public view in Britain in the late 1970s.

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