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All human knowledge. 2. Out of it springeth Physick 3. The knowledge of the elemental Creatures, amongst you. How many kinds there are, and for what use they were created. Those that live in the air, by themselves. The property of the fire—which is the secret life of all things. 4. The knowledge, finding and use of Metals. The vertues of them. The congelations, and vertues of Stones. 5. The Conjoining and knitting together of Natures. The destruction of Nature, and of things that may perish. 6. Moving from place to place [as into this Country, or that Country at pleasure] 7.

Casaubon had offered his edition of the angel diaries to the world as a warning against the dangers of magic. Ironically, the immediate effect seems to have been quite the opposite of what he would have hoped for. There is much indication that T&FR sparked renewed interest in angel magic generally and Dee’s actions particularly. 11 The group gathered around a scryer by the name E. Rorbon, and judging from the evidence of the more than one thousand surviving manuscript pages, it must have consisted of at least two more people.

Some of the mystique of the angel conversations is unveiled when we consider the relation between Kelley and Dee as taking part in a culturally sanctioned practice, probably not the most common one, but one which was certainly not exceptional or unheard of. A further demystification of Kelley may arise from looking at him through different sources, and hence different eyes. As Susan Bassnett has pointed out, the perception of Kelley changes somewhat when we see him described from the perspective of the Bohemians whom he spent the height of his career with, instead of through Dee’s eyes, which perspective obviously dominates in the diaries.

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