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Bioenergetics is the progressive new remedy that makes use of the language of the physique to heal the issues of the brain. This interesting body-mind method of character has a freeing and optimistic influence on emotional, actual, and psychic misery. Dr. Alexander Lowen, founder and major mover of this fast-growing remedy, writes that elevated pleasure and delight are attainable in on a daily basis existence via an figuring out of the way your physique features energetically: the way it determines what you're feeling, imagine, and do. Dr. Lowen issues out that loss of strength is the results of continual muscular tensions, a situation brought on by the suppression of emotions. those tensions could be dissolved in the course of the direct physique paintings in bioenergetic workout, which restores the potential of dwelling a wealthy, complete lifestyles. Dr. Lowen analyzes universal actual diseases like complications and back soreness and indicates how they can also be triumph over by means of freeing the muscular tenstion that create them. Generously illustrated with line drawings of bioenergetic routines, this ebook is certain to convey freedom, self belief, and delight to hundreds of thousands of fellows and women."In this hugely fascinating and worthy try to restoration the physique to the brain, Dr. Alexander Lowen units out in a essentially invaluable approach the rules of his new kind of psychotherapy. Bioenergetics is destined to develop into extensively influential."

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T h e r e were fewer of the spontaneously moving experiences I described above. T h i s was mainly because I largely directed the body work, but also because it was f t x u s e d m o r e on the release of muscular tension than on giving in to sexual feelings. I was very conscious of not wanting to try anymore. 1 wanted someone to take over and do it for me. T r y i n g and controlling are aspects of my neurotic character, and it was not easy for me to s u r r e n d e r . I had been able to d o this with Reich because of my respect for his knowledge and authority, but my s u r r e n d e r was limited to that relationship.

As the h u m a n organism grows, it adds layers to the personality, each o n e of which remains alive and functioning in the adult. When they a r e accessible to the individual, they constitute an integrated personality that is f r e e of conflict. If any layer or for that matter any experience is repressed and unavailable, the personality is in conflict and, therefore, limited. A schematic diagram of the layering is shown in the following figure: T h e qualities which summarized as follows: Baby Child Boy or girl Youth Adult each layer adds = love and pleasure = creativity and imagination = playfulness and f u n — romance a n d a d v e n t u r e = reality and responsibility to life may be Perhaps it would be best to say when speaking of qualities, that the growth we are considering is the d e v e l o p m e n t and expansion of consciousness.

He also felt sexually inadequate. For several years he struggled to overcome his bodily handicaps by dieting and r u n n i n g , but with no success. In the course of therapy he realized his bodily a p p e a r a n c e expressed an aspect of his personality he had previously been unable to accept—namely, that a part of him was identified with being a big, fat slob, and m o r e a baby than a man. T h i s was also expressed by the way he sat sprawled in a chair, and by the sloppiness of his dress.

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