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By Louis S. Kornicker

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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.


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Concerning the ProductPublished through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph sequence. content material:

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Xl'•l • 1065 1051•,653 1064 20 ø 10, 160 10 ø 170 ø 180 ø 170 ø Oø 2207 160 ø 2211 eCRUISE 8 •CRUISE 14 -•CRUISE 34 =CRUISE 10 •CRUISE 19 lO_ø o CRUISE 38 eCRUISE11 -IJI-CRUISE 20 -•CRUISE 46 •'CRUlSE12 mCRUlSE 25 20_0 2238 150 ø 140 ø 130 ø Fig. all. 1. 120 ø Locations In these oceanic 110ø 100 ø of collection samples, •. 90øE stations. , E. rasa, E. biloba). Copepodites were present in nearly all of these samples, but their presence was 80 ø 70 ø 60 ø For explanation not noted, 50 ø of inset, because species not be certain.

1956 Claus, Studies on the development and the systematics of Copepoda (in Japanese). J. Shimonoseki Coil. , •'1-90. , 37 pls. Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig. Dana, 1853 J. Von D. Crustacea. S. N. 13'1019-1262, pls. 70-88. Philadelphia. J. The fauna of the Ross Sea. 8. Pelagic Copepoda. Bull. N. Z. Dep. Scient. Ind. , 206:9-31, figs. 1-127, 23 Farran, 1908 1972 1926 G. P. Second report on the Copepoda of the Irish Atlantic slope. Scient. Invest. Fish. , 11 pls. S. Research, 1900. 14. The Copepoda. J.

Park, 1978, pp. 220-224, figs. 77-79. Pareuchaeta antarctica; Farran 1929, p. 238. Paraeuchaeta antarctica; Bradford, 1981, pp. 391-402, figs. , 1983, pp. 25, 27, 28, fig. , 1963, p. 7, figs. 2a-2d. Material examined. Females, 2,171; males, 448. Occurrences of this species are listed in field is lobe more rounded, extended posteriorly to join posterior wall of genital field. Genital valve almost square, posterior margin and sides smoothly rounded (Figures 3B and 3D). Central structure much enlarged and thickened ventrally; in lateral view it can be seen as a projection, bulging out between the genital pads (Figure 3E).

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