Download e-book for iPad: Blood Enemy, Book 2 by Greg Cox, Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride, Len Wiseman

By Greg Cox, Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride, Len Wiseman

Sooner than UNDERWORLD, THE conflict RAGED ON.... For untold centuries, a mystery clash has been waged among immortal competitors: The vampires -- ageless aristocrats with a sensual urge for food for blood and comfort. between their ranks are the dying Dealers,an elite corps of the undead sworn to the destruction in their ancestral enemies.... The werewolves -- feral warriors in a position to turning out to be hellish beasts of unearthly energy and ferocity. as soon as the trustworthy servants of the vampires, the savage lycans now struggle toothand claw opposed to their former masters. all through heritage, the clandestine battle has been fought within the shadows of the mortal global. And the seeds of this damaging clash have been sown in the past, whilst a brave lycan daredto lose his middle to a stunning vampire princess.

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Immortals had been captured and burned at the stake for less. This atrocity was only the most recent of a string of attacks on the mortals of this realm. Isolated farms and villages had fallen prey to the same ravening beasts, thus necessitating tonight’s hunt. Tracking down the killers was more than mere sport; it was essential to the safety of the castle and all who dwelled there. A Death Dealer named Casmir bent to inspect the grisly scene. He lifted a hand-carved wooden crucifix from the dirt.

As though propelled by catapults, boulder-sized fragments of limestone arced through the air before crashing down on the screaming humans. Wooden shields provided no protection against the rain of masonry. Lucian watched with satisfaction as a weighty stone block flattened a cross-waving villager. Blood spurted from beneath the rubble like juice from a winepress. For a moment, he dared to hope that the devastating bombardment might break the spirit of the attackers, sending them back from whence they came.

The screams and gunshots roused the last surviving lycan, the black male with the shaved head. His dark eyes quickly taking in the situation, he stumbled to his feet and began loping toward the exit and his waiting van. He grunted through clenched teeth as he staggered across the park, leaving a trail of sticky red blood. The intruder hurried after the fleeing lycan, swinging the flamethrower toward him, only to be distracted by a hail of gunfire from Selene. Silver bullets sparked where they glanced off the aggressor’s armor, and the killer, perhaps realizing that Selene posed the greater threat, switched gears and came after the gun-wielding female vampire instead.

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