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By Dorothy Baker

Baker e.D. (ed.) Brainwashing (Foundation of Human realizing, 1991)(ISBN 0933900163)

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If Psychopolitics succeeds in its mission throughout the capitalistic nations of the world, there will never be an atomic war, for Russia will have subjugated all of her enemies. Communism has already spread across one-sixth of the inhabited world. Marxist Doctrines have already penetrated the remainder. An extension of the Communist social order is everywhere victorious. The spread of communism has never been by force of battle, but by conquest of the mind. In Psychopolitics we have refined this conquest to the nth degree.

It is not necessary to convince the masses. It is only necessary to work incessantly upon the official, using personal defamation, wild lies, false evidence, and constant propaganda to make him fight for you against the church or against any practitioner. Like the official, the bona fide medical healer also believes the worst if it can be shown to him as dangerous competition. And like the Christian, should he seek to take from us any right we have gained, we shall finish him as well. We must be like the vine upon the tree.

The society, at the same time, must be educated into the belief that insanity is increasing within its ranks. This creates an emergency and places the psychopolitician in a savior role that will eventually put him in charge of the society. 56 Chapter 13 The Recruiting of Psycopolitical Dupes T he psychopolitical dupe is a well-trained individual who serves in complete obedience to the psychopolitical operative. In that nearly all persons in training are expected to undergo a certain amount of treatment in any field of the mind, it is not too difficult to persuade persons in the field of mental healing to subject themselves to mild or minor drugs or shock.

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