Buried Beneath Us. Discovering the Ancient Cities of the by Anthony Aveni, Katherine Roy PDF

By Anthony Aveni, Katherine Roy

<p>A fantastically illustrated examine the forces that support towns grow—and finally reason their destruction—told throughout the tales of the good civilizations of old the United States. </p><p>
You might imagine you recognize the entire American towns. yet were you aware that lengthy ahead of ny, Chicago, l. a., or Boston ever seemed at the map—thousands of years sooner than Europeans first colonized North America—other towns have been right here? They grew up, fourished, and finally disappeared within the comparable areas that sleek towns like St. Louis and Mexico urban may later look. within the pages of this publication, you will find the striking tale of the way they grew from small settlements to booming urban centers—and then crumbled into ruins.</p><p>

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Painted on processed tree bark, they were mostly books about divination or communicating with the ancestor gods. The Maya codices gave precise time schedules for making offerings. Some were complicatedalmanacs that warned of eclipses and followed the courses of the celestial gods, such as the planets Venus and Mars. Because of their regular recurrence, the numbers are the easiest inscriptions in the codices to decipher. Dots represent ones; bars are fives; and a closed fist or shell symbol stands for zero.

It makes sense because the ancients lived very close to the diverse forces of nature: wind and water, lightning and thunder. They closely observed the different traits of plants and animals—the swiftness of the deer, the grace of the eagle, the strength of the jaguar—and believed that each force had its own creative spirit. Consider the Aztec deities, for example. Piltzintecuhtli created deer power, Xolotl created frog power, and there were two different gods associated with scorpions, one in charge of black and the other of yellow scorpion power.

He knew that a spot near the intersection of two of America’s great rivers would have been an excellent place to build a city. The location offered great soil for planting and a watery highway for trading goods. As he hacked his way inward from the shore through the cedar- and willow-covered bluffs, Brackenridge noticed that the mounds got bigger and bigger and they were regularly spaced. He had a strong feeling that he was about to arrive at some very important ancient place. Suddenly, he found himself standing in front of the huge earthen pyramid.

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