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By Susan K. Jones

From uncomplicated biology and the lymphatic process to human development and improvement, this entire reference—organized via platforms of the body—makes the occasionally puzzling nature of anatomy understandable through a fascinating question-and-answer structure. as well as the technology itself, the folk and historical past in the back of anatomy are mentioned. extra than 1,200 questions are spoke back, together with Do exact twins have an analogous fingerprints? What are the first sensations of style? what's the integumentary process? and the way many bones are within the human physique?

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If lightning, which is about the width of a pencil, does not pass through a person’s heart, brain, or spinal chord, interrupting or damaging the electrical-impulse cells that run them, then that person usually survives. While the electrical discharge of a lightning bolt is powerful and hot (up to 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or 30,000 degrees Celsius), it is—fortunately—incredibly quick. Survivors often have burn marks on their skin and clothes, especially where the lightning has entered and left their bodies.

A rainbow appears in the part of the sky opposite the Sun. Because the Sun must also be low in the sky, near the horizon, late afternoon is the best time to look for a rainbow if the day has been sunny with a few short rain showers or thunderstorms. A What is a hurricane? A large and fierce storm, a hurricane starts in the tropical areas of the Pacific, North Atlantic, or Indian oceans, where it gathers great quantities of moisture and thermal energy, or heat. It is circular in shape, spiraling inward toward a nearly calm center that is called the eye of the hurricane.

A black hole is an invisible region of space that is thought to have such intense gravity that not even light can escape. Scientists believe that a black hole is created when a giant star collapses in upon itself as it dies. A star lives as long as it can burn fuel. The burning of fuel acts as a counterforce against gravity; without that counterforce, a star’s gravity would cause it to collapse in on itself. So when that fuel runs out, gravity takes over and crushes the star. If the star is large enough and has a strong enough force of gravity, it will become a black hole when it collapses.

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