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By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

Lifestyles technology; dwelling issues want strength, residing issues and their Environment.EARTH technological know-how; Rocks adn Minerals, sluggish adjustments on the earth, quick adjustments on Earth.PHYSICAL technological know-how; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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Fill in for each banana the number of ants after one hour; after two hours; and after three hours. CXX_XW9eh\g FgTegbYXkcXe\`Xag ;bhe$ ;bhe% ;bhe& HacXX_XW9eh\g # $( %( &# 6. Repeat the experiment on another day. 7. Did your results match your prediction? 8. Compare your results with other students’ results to confirm your findings. f. Follow a set of written instructions for a scientific investigation. # ' , $( Analyzing Data To communicate your results, set up your data clearly. The students used the data table to set up a line graph.

In addition to providing animals with energy, plants also provide animals with the oxygen they need. Most animals cannot survive without oxygen for more than a few minutes. They need oxygen to carry out life processes. Most of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants and plant like living things that make their own food. Plantlike living things in the ocean, such as this kelp, produce much of the oxygen you breathe. B Quick Check Compare and Contrast How does the way plants get energy differ from the way animals get energy?

A producer B primary consumer C secondary consumer D decomposer Social Studies Link Research an Environment Use a map of California to highlight where you live. What is the environment like? What kinds of food chains exist in your area? Research and plot the information on a map. Compare maps with a partner. com 47 EVALUATE Materials Inquiry Structured Can an environment have more than one food chain? Form a Hypothesis index cards tape Energy from the Sun helps grasses grow. A mouse eats the grass.

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