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By A cura di Giovanni Garbini

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And they were right. And the bitterness intensified. Inevitably, California was raked over for spawning the slime that would brutally murder a young girl—and in a church, besides. A double desecration. And indeed, it was. But as righteously as California could be indicted for a century of sins, there were those hints, those indications, that perhaps this time wasn't one of them. The families didn't know that; neither did the press or the public. The Santa Clara detectives knew; but seeing, they were blind.

Or maybe he died. Or maybe—shit, I don't know. I'll tell you, though, I don't envy those cops. " George nodded. "The big anniversary day is over. Maybe he won't venture out tonight either. But he's over there somewhere on the mainland. . Just as long as he doesn't take the ferry out to here," he added dryly. On Fire Island, the terror consuming New York seemed far more removed than a ferry ride. It seemed a continent, a lifetime away—rather than the forty-five or so miles it actually was into the outlying boroughs.

But the answer from Kahn and Beck was always no. There was nothing to report—then. It was still several years before the chilling handwritten clue, "ARLIS PERRY: HUNTED, STALKED AND SLAIN, FOLLOWED TO CALIFORNIA," would be scrawled across a page in a book about satanism and secreted from the confines of a forbidding New York prison. But those haunting days were yet to dawn. And as of the summer of 1977, the murder of the young Christian bride remained unsolved. II The Gun of August Slowly, because that's the way it was done, he crept closer.

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