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Neutral foods do not change the energetic level of the body. Thermal quality initially has a general effect on the body: it cools or warms it. Flavor and association with one of the five phases determine the food’s effect on a particular organ or network. Example The sweet flavor is associated with the earth phase and primarily influences the corresponding organs stomach and spleen. It has a warming or cooling effect on stomach/spleen, depending on thermal nature: Fennel tea warms the stomach, while bananas have a cooling effect.

Blanching rs This method of preparation does not change the energy level of a food, but foods become easier to digest when heated. Frying and Roasting rrs Frying and roasting supply foods with yang energy. A good variation of this method in Chinese cooking is the use of a wok with little or no oil added. “Woking” brings foods in contact with extreme heat for a short time only and lends them an outer crunchy layer, but leaves them juicy and fresh on the inside. This provides foods with strong yang energy on the outside and a balancing yin component on the inside.

Excess damages qi and yang, and thoroughly cools down the body. Therapeutic goals are derived from the yin–yang principle. The Nei Jing states: “If something is cold, heat it. ” Supplementing the opposite polarity restores original balance. 24 Methodology of Nutritional Therapy Cold requires warmth = yang (hot and warm) Heat requires cold = yin (cold and cool) “Yang Foods” “Yang foods” are hot or warm foods; they warm and invigorate the body. Acrid spices (pepper, garlic, cinnamon) Meat (beef, chicken, game/venison, lamb) Coffee Alcohol Oats Cherry, peach “Yin Foods” Yin foods are cool or cold foods; they have a cooling, soothing effect on the body.

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