C. G. Jung's Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology (2nd edition) PDF

By C. G. Jung

This influential 1916 selection of essays, many amassed for the 1st time in English, comprises Jungs writings and letters on personality, the subconscious, formative years, creativity, the occult, mysticism, somnambulism, hysteria, organization, desires (including quantity dreams), rumors, the daddy, psychoses, dementia, mental kinds, the clinical foundation of psychoanalysis, New Paths in Psychology, and extra.

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Sees and hears her spirits, sees how they walk about in the room among those who form the circle, and stand first by one person, then by another. She is in possession of a clear of her visions, her journeys and the instructions remembrance She speaks quietly, clearly and firmly in a almost religious frame of mind. serious, always she receives. and is Her bearing indicates a deeply religious mood, free from all pietistic flavour, her speech is singularly uninfluenced by her guide's jargon compounded of Bible and tract.

At the next sitting, which took place in the evening, two days later, similar communications from S. 's grandfather were obtained. When darkness fell S.

In this stage she was generally quite relaxed the reflexes of the lids remained, as did also tactile sensation. She was sensitive to unexpected noises and full of fear, especially in the initial : ; stage. She did not react when called by name. In somnambulic dialogues she copied in a remarkably clever way her dead relations and acquaintances, with all their peculiarities, so made a lasting impression upon unprejudiced She also so closely imitated persons whom she only knew from descriptions that no one could deny her at least considerable talent as an actress.

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