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The way to develop greens, fruit, minimize flora, herbs and different crops hydroponically. This vintage is now re-published with new photos, a brand new structure and revised textual content. essential source for an individual who desires to develop hydropincally.

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Research has actually found that up to 93 elements are in fact needed to maximise the f lavour in fruit and vegetables. For example, potassium and magnesium are particularly important to the f lavour of strawberries, though many other nutrient elements still have a contributing effect on the resulting quality. Early research by Stoughton (1969) recommended that nutrient solutions for general use in NFT should have the following levels: Nitrogen: 100 to 300 mg/litre Potassium: 120 to 250 mg/litre As with most growth requirements, plants will always have a relatively wide range of conditions that they can tolerate, but usually a narrower range which will produce optimum results.

Seed sowing in rockwool PAGE 42 > BACK TO CONTENTS PAGE ROCKWOOL USE FOR PROPAGATION Rockwool propagation blocks are used to provide transplants for growing not only in rockwool systems, but also in aggregate culture and NFT. They are commonly made from a 40 mm thick slab of rockwool with horizontal fibres and slits from the top to give individual blocks 40 mm square. e. the greater depth, hence greater head of water, increases aeration in those blocks). The only problem which can occur with propagation blocks relates to them becoming too wet.

0 These figures assume plant densities and losses are the same in Growool as in conventional sand peat mixes, which in fact is not necessarily the case. In practice there are further cost benefits with rockwool over conventional media. Limitations Experienced in the Use of Rockwool Propagating Blocks These limitations are cited from Australian experiences, and many have been overcome as growers become more familiar with the products and their properties. There will obviously be cuttings which are too large for standard propagation blocks.

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