Professeur Jean-François Bonneville, Dr. Françoise Cattin,'s Computed Tomography of the Pituitary Gland: With a Chapter PDF

By Professeur Jean-François Bonneville, Dr. Françoise Cattin, Dr. Jean-Louis Dietemann (auth.)

The current quantity is the result of 6 years' paintings by way of our staff, within which time 2300 CT scans of the pituitary area have been conducted. This was once made attainable by way of the shut collaboration among physicians and technicians in our neuroradiological division, in addition to via a number of corresponding physi­ cians. we want to show our gratitude for his or her self belief and our honest due to our colleagues at Besan90n, Dijon, Grenoble, Lyon, Montpellier, and Strasbourg. in addition, we particularly desire to thank the sufferers who willingly approved the tricky requisites of those experiences. we're thankful to the technicians on the Neuroradiology division of the Centre Hospitalier et U niversitaire de Besan90n, who've perfected the technique on the way to meet the ever expanding imperatives for unique anatomical mapping of the pituitary gland and the encircling quarter; with no their efforts, this ebook might by no means were attainable. eventually, we want to convey our due to the clinical photographer of our team, in addition to the secretarial employees for his or her contribution to the profitable creation of this paintings. We thank Labora­ toires Guerbet and normal electrical for his or her very good information, and Springer­ Verlag for his or her care and competence within the construction of this booklet. In writing Computed Tomography of the Pituitary Gland, we have now sought to advance morphological learn of the pituitary gland to a point of reliability equivalent to that of laboratory findings in endocrine disorders.

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1). This yields seven consecutive sections in approximately 80 s. One further section is taken in the same plane, 30 s later. With the GE 9800 CT/T, scan time is 2 s, and interscan delay time is 2-6 s. Normal Results From the morphologic and diagnostic standpoints, dynamic CT allows visualization of: 1. The intracavernous and supraclinoid internal carotid arteries 2. The central part of the secondary pituitary capillary bed, we have called the pituitary tuft 3. The centrifugal contrast enhancement of the anterior pituitary 4.

Fertil Steril 31:363-372 Ghoshhajra K (1981) High-resolution metrizamide CT cisternography in sellar and suprasellar abnormalities. J. Neurosurg 54:232-239 Gyldensted C, Karle A (1977) CT of intra- and juxtasellar lesions: a radiological study of 108 cases. Neuroradiology 14: 5-13 Hall K, Mc Allister VL (1980) Metrizamide cisternography in pituitary and juxta-pituitary lesions. Radiology 134: 101-108 Hardy J, Mohr G (1981) Prolactinoma: surgical aspects. In: Hardy J (ed) Prolactinoma. Masson, Paris New York Hashimoto N, Handa H, Takeuchi J, Ishikawa M, Nakano Y (1982) Collection of gas within a huge chromophobe adenoma.

Nonsecreting pituitary adenoma with suprasellar extension. Headache and bitemporal hemianopia in a 36-year-old man. Dynamic CT scan. Before contrast, the mass is isodense relative to the brain and occupies the suprasellar cistern (arrows). Marked enhancement of the adenoma after contrast Chapter 4: Pituitary Adenomas with Suprasellar Extension 53 a b Fig. 3a, b. Hyperdense pituitary adenoma with small suprasellar extension. Amenorrhea and hyperprolactine mia in a 43-year-old woman. a Native coronal CT scan.

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