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To read is less commendable than to recite what one has learned. And there are many other ways in which, by reducing the need for exhausting, painful, and dangerous work, a behavioral technology reduces fhe chance to be admired. The slide rule, the calculating machine, and the computer are the enemies of the arithmetic mind. Bllt here again the gain in freedom from aversive stimulation may compensate for any loss of admiration. 58 BEYOND FREEDOM AND DIGNITY There may seem to be no compensating gain when dignity or worth seems lessened by a basic scientific analysis, apart from technological applications.

Personal attention, approval, and affection are usually reinforcing only if there has been some connection with already effective reinforcers, but they can be used when a connection is lacking. The simulated approval and affection with which parents and teachers are often urged to solve behavior problems are counterfeit. " Genuine reinforcers can be used in ways which have aversive consequences. A government may prevent defection by making life more interesting-by providing bread and circuses and by encouraging sports, gambling, the use cf alcohol and other drugs, and various kinds of sexual behavior, where the effect is to keep people within reach of aversive sanctions.

We commend a prompt child more than one who must be reminded of his appointments because the reminder is a particularly visible feature of temporal contingencies. We give more credit to a person for "mental" arithmetic than for arithmetic done on paper because the stimuli controlling successive steps are conspicuous on the paper. The theoretical physicist gets more credit than the experimental because the behavior of the latter clearly depends on laboratory practice and observation. We com- Dignity 49 mend those who behave well without supervIsIon more than those who need to be watched, and those vv-ho naturally speak a language more than those who must consult grammatical rules.

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