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This is why many recent developments in South Vietnam have been so disquieting. Thieu has threatened a bloodbath in quite explicit terms, and his stated intentions have elicited little protest in the West. " [250] Thieu has made it plain on several occasions that he intends to kill all Communists, or that they all must be killed before peace is possible. [251] On January 22, 1973, just a few days before the signing of the January 27th "reconciliation" Agreement, Thieu issued a series of edicts, still in effect, that virtually nullified Articles 8 and 11 of the forthcoming settlement.

Adviser, who claims that local officials in the Delta decided simply to kill outright 80% of their "suspects," but American advisers were able to convince them that the proportion should be reduced to 50%. [179] This is the "selective" counter-terror by which the United States and its client have been bringing "security" to the benighted. NEFARIOUS AND MYTHICAL BLOODBATHS Revolutionary Terror in Theory and Practice The Vietnamese revolutionaries have shed considerable blood over the years in individual acts of terror, some deliberate and calculated, others reflecting sporadic breakdowns in the discipline of cadres under enormous pressure, along with occasional sheer vengeance killing.

Propagandist Douglas Pike. " No documents were identified. In a careful analysis of the mysterious "captured document," D. -Saigon propaganda machine deliberately misused evidence (even granting the authenticity of the document) in an effort to deceive. [206] In the first place, the Vietnamese word "diet" was translated as "eliminate," which implies killing, although the word was used by the NLF in the military sense of putting out of action (killing, wounding, capturing, or inducing to surrender or defect).

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