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The nursery rhyme starts off, "In fourteen hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the sea blue." much less recognized is the road that follows: "…to research if the previous maps have been true." How can there be "old maps" of a land nobody knew existed? have been others right here sooner than Columbus? What have been their purposes for coming and what unexplained artifacts did they go away at the back of? The oceans have been highways to the USA instead of limitations, and whilst discoverers positioned ashore, they have been greeted via strange population. In learning the Mysteries of historical the United States, the writer of The Atlantis Encyclopedia turns his sextant in the direction of this hemisphere. here's a choice of the main arguable articles chosen from seventy problems with the notorious historical American journal. they vary from the invention of Roman relics in Arizona and California's chinese language treasure, to Viking rune-stones in Minnesota and Oklahoma and the mysterious religions of old american citizens. Many questions could be raised together with: What position did extraterrestrials have within the lives of historic civilizations? What historic pyramids and towers let us know in regards to the those who equipped them? Are they a few kind of portals to a different size? What prehistoric applied sciences were came across, and what can they let us know approximately early settlers, their spiritual ideals, and attainable other-worldly viewers? Did El Dorado exist, and what of the mythical Fountain of juvenile? was once Atlantis in Cuba? What are America’s misplaced races and what occurred to them? learning the Mysteries of old the US brings to the fore the once-hidden actual prior of America’s earliest civilizations

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Interestingly, large, granite bedrock posts at Machu Picchu may have originally served as supports for such a mirror. Peru, as does Egypt, gets strong sunlight all year round, and gold is most reflective when alloyed with silver, a metallurgical process used by both Incas and Pharaonic Egyptians. Some pyramidians, or capstones, found in Dynastic Egypt were made of electrum, an 80/20 ratio of gold to silver. Watkins’s research led him to develop a solarpowdered device for cutting and polishing stone, for which he received a patent, application Number 4611857.

His theory on this is: “They are simply physically incapable of reproducing those artifacts today. ” Logical enough. And it does not deter him that ancient tools capable of reproducing these artifacts have not been unearthed. ” What marks? According to Dunn’s investigation, the marks of sophisticated sawing, drilling, lathe, and milling practices and a standard of even, level, flat surface planes impossible to achieve by hand. For example, there’s the diorite bowl in the Cairo Museum that appears to have been cut on a lathe.

Both were recent guests on “The Laura Lee Show,” the weekly, nationally syndicated radio interview/talk show that I host. Here is their story. Ivan Watkins is a Professor of Geology, Department of Earth Sciences, at St. Cloud University, in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He is investigating the finished surface of Inca stone masonry. 58 Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America Watkins says the surface of stone at the microscopic level indicates how it was, or wasn’t worked. “And you can rule out the standard issue explanations when it comes to ancient Inca stonemasonry, which is very similar to that of Egypt,” he says.

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