New PDF release: Early Madhyamika in India and China

By Richard H. Robinson

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Having accumulated virtue in bygone a g e s, his mind fitted e x isten ce in th is [world]. e. after the (Parl)nirvana], and at a moment when [the Dharma] w as decadent and weak. He was grieved by the benightedness of the multitudes, and treading the steep (dangerous) track, he did not falter (Doc. 2). Another d i s c i p l e , S e n g - c h a o , sa id of the se co n d founder: Eight hundred years and more after the Buddha's Nirvlna there w as a bodhisattva monk named D e v a . . He w as able to unlock the double bars from the Tripltaka and le v e l the abstruse road of the tw elve [section s of the scriptures].

The T ib e tan s w rongly a ttrib u te th e A k sa ra -s a ta k a to NSgSrjuna (M u rti, B u d d h ism , pp. 9 2 —94). F ive w o rk s in th e p r e s e n t C h in e s e c a n o n a r e a ttrib u te d to Aryadeva: 1. Catuhsataka — th ree v e r s io n s : a. é a ta - s à s tr a (Hundred T r e a tis e ) , T 1569, tra n s . by Kumârajîva, b. è a ta -s à s lr a -v a ip u ly a , ? 1570, tr a n s . by H sClan-tsang, and c. Com mentary b y DharmapSla on th e é a t a - s â s t r a - vaipuly a , T 1571, a l s o tr a n s .

That the M ppi departs on certain points from the doctrines of the Madh. l) . D em iév ille s a y s : It is towards this region of the North-West that everything orients the T a - c h ik tu-lun, it is with it that it “manifests a c lo s e acquaintance" (p. ), and not with Southern India where the legend of NBgBrJuna has its tie s and where it has left, as M. La mott e has shown in the preface of his translation (t. I> pp. x i i —x lii) traces in the archeology and epigraphy of the Andhra country (review of T r a i t é , P* 381).

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