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Don Rittner and Ronald A. Bailey, Ph.D.'s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHEMISTRY offers highschool to varsity studentswith a uncomplicated but exact assurance which supplies essays, definitions, examples and discussions surrounding the most easy chemistry principles. This has over 200 cross-referenced entries, 4 essays, and discussions utilizing chemistry technology to lifestyle.

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Named after two scientists, Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728–77) and August Beer (1825–63), the law also serves as the basis of spectroscopic instruments that are being used increasingly in the science curriculum. Research is still in progress to understand and find appropriate models for the light absorbance. basicity constant See ACIDITY CONSTANT. Bell-Evans-Polanyi principle The linear relation basicity function See ACIDITY FUNCTION. basic oxide Any ionic oxide that dissolves in water between ENERGY OF ACTIVATION (Ea) and enthalpy of reaction (∆ Hr) sometimes observed within a series of closely related reactions.

Bases are also known as alkali or alkaline substances, and when added to acids, they form salts. Some common examples of bases are soap, ammonia, and lye. See also ACID; BRONSTED BASE; HARD BASE; LEWIS BASE. base pairing The specific association between two complementary strands of nucleic acid that results from the formation of hydrogen bonds between the base components of the NUCLEOTIDEs of each strand: A(denine)෇T(hymine) and G(uanine)ϵC(ytosine) in DNA, A෇U(racil) and GϵC (and in some cases GϵU) in RNA (the lines indicate the number of hydrogen bonds).

In such a reaction, the observed RATE OF REACTION is often found to increase with time from its initial value. See also ORDER OF REACTION. autoionization Ionization reaction between identical molecules. automerization See DEGENERATE REARRANGEMENT. autophytic The process whereby an organism uses photosynthesis to make complex foods from inorganic substances. autotrophic organism An organism that is capable of using carbon dioxide as the sole carbon source for growth and product formation. Organisms that use light as a source of energy are said to be PHOTOAUTOTROPHs; those that use the energy from chemical reactions are CHEMOAUTOTROPHs.

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