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By Thian Lok Tio (auth.)

Transcutaneous ultrasonography is a longtime method for prognosis and treatment in gastroenterology. even though, ultrasonic photographs can frequently be hampered by way of pulmonary and intestinal gasoline and through bony and adipose tissue. In 1956 Wild and Reid mentioned the 1st result of transrectal ultrasound of the prostate [1]. In 1976 Lutz brought an A-mode ultrasonic probe that can be brought through the biopsy channel of an endoscope [2]. In 1978 and 1980 Hisanaga played echocardiography utilizing an ultrasonic transducer connected to the top of a versatile software [3, 4]. In animal stories and afterward in people Di Magno has used an echoendoscope within which a small transducer used to be hooked up on the tip of a fiberoptic endoscope [5, 6]. the aim was once to beat the restrictions of transcutaneous ultrasonography by means of at once drawing close aim lesions with a high-frequency ultrasound resource through the gastroin­ testinallumen. SJlbsequently, the 1st sequence of endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) examinations have been suggested throughout the eu congress in Stockholm [7]. the aim of this publication is: 1. to guage the strategy and the gear for endoscopic ultrasonography 2. to judge intimately the endosonographic trend of the conventional and irregular wall constitution three. to research a wide consecutive sequence of varied gastrointestinal malignancies so that it will make sure the usefulness and accuracy of EUS within the detection, staging, and treatment of malignant illnesses four. to match EUS with different imaging concepts References 1.

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B Intramural involvement documented by initial or follow-up endoscopic biopsies. Endosonography of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of the Stomach 59 Fig. 2. A Endoscopic view of the polypoid (PI) lesion on the posterior wall of the middle part of the stomach. B Ulcer (u) with nodular margins. C Endoscopic ultrasonography photograph of polypoid (PI) and ulcerative (u) lesion with transmural infiltration (i) in more distal stomach bordering the pancreas (P). The circular line to the right is the balloon (b) Only in patient 3 did EUS fail to accurately recognize the abnormality because the target lesion could not be brought into the focus of the beam due to inadequate filling of the stomach lumen or the balloon, or both, with deaerated water.

14 3/3 4/5 5/6 In three patients EUS detected a sharply delineated tumour, localized twice in the pancreatic duct and once in the intra-ampullary common bile duct without evidence of lymph node involvement, which was confirmed by detailed histological examination ofthe resection specimens (Fig. 1). A clearly delineated, round or polycyclic tumour mass with a characteristic hypoechoic echo pattern when compared with the surrounding pancreas parenchyma, with evidence of lymph node involvement, was seen by EUS in four of five patients (Fig.

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