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Not in the least. " 40 Ezra Pound: Politics, Economics and Writing By 1919, however, Pound was experimenting with Browning's idiom in order to curtail this meditative freedom: And Louis, French King, was jealous of days unshared This pair had had together in years gone; And he drives on for Zion, as 'God wills' To find, in six weeks time, the Queen's scarf is Twisted atop the casque of Saladin. ' Then France again, and to be rid of her And brush his antlers; Aquitaine, Poictiers! Buckle off the lot!

In Canto XII, for example, we find the tale of Frank ('Baldy') Bacon who 'bought all the little copper pennies in Cuba'. Pound's attitude towards such activities is, however, somewhat problematic. 28 Although this reading accords with Pound's way of opposing monetary profit to 'natural increase' later in the poem, there is little to support it in Canto XII. In fact Pound seems to have admired Bacon, and he had already cited his profit-making scheme as an example of skill and ingenuity : every man who does his own job really well has a latent respect for every other man who does his own job really well; this is our lasting bond; whether it be a matter of buying up all the little brass farthings in Cuba and selling them at a quarter per cent.

P As the analogy suggests, 'valuable' history is for Pound at this time primarily a record of cultural achievement, and it thus stands in deliberate contrast to the modem history whose empty randomness is mirrored in the low-powered anecdotal style of, say, Canto XXVIII. The Renaissance is, for Pound as for Browning, a favourite hunting-ground, since here value can be seen to emerge as the active repossession of the economic surplus: Sforza Francesco, wattle-nose, Who married him (Sigismundo) his (Francesco's) Daughter in September, Who stole Pesaro in October (as Broglio says 'bestialmente'), Who stood with the Venetians in November, With the Milanese in December, 42 Ezra Pound: Politics, Economics and Writ ing Sold Milan in November, stole Milan in December Or something of that sort, Commanded the Milanese in the spring, the Venetians at midsummer, The Milanese in the autumn, And was Naples' ally in October, He, Sigismundo, templum aedificavit ....

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