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By Burton D. Fisher

A complete advisor to Beethoven's FIDELIO, that includes crucial Characters, short Synopsis, tale Narrative with track spotlight Examples, and an insightful observation and research.

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2. 6. 10. 100 Pl. Resp. 364b, Theophr. Hist. Pl. 9. 10. 4. Often they are a metaphor for 'charming' someone by persuasion. Pind. Pyth. 4. 217. Aesch. PV 173, etc. For some other Classical references to incantations see Pind. Nem. 8. 49, Aesch. Ag. 1021, Eum. 649. Soph. Trach. 1000. Aj. 582, Eur. Alc. 967, Cyc. 646, Ar. Ran. 1033, Pl. Chrm. 155e, Euthydemus 290a, Resp. 426b, Symp. 202e. ) and Plato (Chrm. 156a) refer to their being written down for exact transmission, which underlines the overriding importance of the wording.

14-23; Garland, op. cit. 21f. 46Anecd. Bekk. 281. 26, cf. 8 in Leutsch-Schneidewin, Corpus Paroemiographorum Graecorum, i. 117. 47El. 277-81. 48 Isoc. 9. 1. 49 Diod. 29. 21. 50Od. 1. 150-5, 325-422; 8. 43-108, 471-541; 17. 261-71, 358-60; 22. 330-56; cf. Stesichorus, SLG 148. 3-4. The lyre is called 'dinner's companion', Od. 271. 51Od. 5-11. 52. Od. 1. 17-19; 23. 133-47. 53Od. 8. 250-369; see J. B. Hainsworth's notes on 254 and 256-384 in A. Heubeck and others, A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, i (Oxford, 1988), 362.

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