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By Helen Bryant

You do not simply stream the following and instantly develop into a Texan; it takes education. This delightfully witty publication takes you thru the method of knowing our dialog, why and the way we costume the way in which we do, why pickups are a truth of existence, and the way you could collect the required tremendous hair. Fixin' to Be Texan pokes light enjoyable on the Texas mystique. citizens of the nation gets a huge kick out of Bryant's smart approach of opting for our important features. beginners will use it as a device for figuring out the fantastic and infrequently incomprehensible habit of our tremendous local inhabitants.

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Are always under construction. Page 23 Chapter 2 Yo, Bubba! Becoming a Texan gives you the perfect opportunity to dumpor altera name that you don't like. Why do you think there are so many people in Texas named Bubba or Tex or Bo or Buster? Because they were born Lawrence or Walter or Clarence. Texas is a state in which your name is a reflection of your true selfor maybe what you'd like that self to be. There is, of course, nothing inherently wrong with the name Walter. But it is not a very Texan name.

What you need to do at this point is stop thinking of yourself as a Californian or Oregonian or New Yorker. You are no longer that. You are a larval Texan. And if you follow the easy steps in this manual, you are fixin' to be, in very little time, a completely formed Texan, indistinguishable from one born here. ") Let's start with some basics: Page 2 Bigness Texas is really, really, really, really, really, really big. It is so big that you can drive all day and not get across it. It is so big that, on many days, you can get snowed on in Amarillo while your husband is getting sunburned on South Padre Island (though why you'd allow that to happen is beyond me).

Page 35 All 'em, the third person super-plural, makes emphatically clear that the speaker is referring to all the people or things in a group. It is often accompanied by a wave of the hand in the direction of what is being referred to: All 'em's my cows. Page 36 Fixin' to Only in Texas can you fix something that ain't broke. ''Fixin' to" is the first word combination a Texan child learns, so it may as well be the first one you learn. It is a truly effective verb. " "Oh. " Those two words"fixin' to"imply that the person, although not engaged in the task in question, is making preparations to begin the task.

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