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By Caitlin R. Kight

With their detailed crimson coloring and one-legged stance, flamingos are simply the main recognizable chicken on this planet. so much people don't comprehend, although, that there are literally six varied species of flamingo, every one differing in measurement and hue––and, regardless of first-class fossil files, scientists have had a tough time positioning the flamingo in the avian genetic tree. In Flamingo, Caitlin R. Kight untangles the clinical wisdom approximately this strange ornithological ask yourself and appears at the way it has figured in renowned culture.
Kight provides the flamingo in a concise and obtainable method, introducing its designated medical historical past along what we all know approximately its frequently antagonistic habitats and complicated social habit. She explores its genetic lineage and the confusions it has prompted, and he or she information the importance it has had for plenty of cultures, no matter if as a religious totem or a advertisement image of the tropical lifestyles. She even explains the way it will get its outstanding colour (hint: it has to do with its diet). a superb source for any chook lover, Flamingo presents necessary perception into simply what makes this flashy-feathered personality so special.

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