Sigmund / Nandor Fodor & Frank Gaynor, eds. Freud's Freud: A Dictionary of Psychoanalysis PDF

By Sigmund / Nandor Fodor & Frank Gaynor, eds. Freud

A dictionary of Freud's psychoanalysis phrases. " everyone who has studied psychoanalysis completely has, in fact, the correct to criticize the critiques of Freud. no one has the perfect to distort and misrepresent them. There must be a law!" - from the Preface via Theodor Reik.

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S Perhaps in compulsion neurosis, even more clearly than in normal and hysterical cases, we may recognize the castration complex as the motivating force of defense, the strivings of the cedipus complex as that which is defended against. PoA—ch. S [26] ... it is precisely the suppressed onanism which in the form of compulsive acts compels an ever furthered approxima- tion to gratification. PoA—ch. S See also Taboo and Compulsion Neurosis. o COMPULSIVE ACTS—A great many compulsive acts plainly serve as a precaution and an assurance against sexual experi- ence and are therefore phobic in their character.

It has, in fact, become customary to des- ignate all morbid manifestations not of traumatic or infectious origin as degenerative. It would seem more appropriate not to speak of degeneration: (1) where there are not many marked deviations from the normal; (2) where the capacity for work- ing and living do not in general appear markedly impaired. TCTSI o DEITIES [Cf. GOD] Deities, Male—The male gods appear at first as sons by the side of the great mothers; only later do they clearly assume the features of the father.

The common source of origin for the androgynous formation of the maternal deities like the Egyptian goddess Mut. LDV—ch. 3 <- DEJA RACONTE—The Deja raconte feeling, the illusion that something has already been related during the psychoanalytic treatment, which is especially interesting. The patient asserts with all subjective signs of certainty, that he previously related this definite episode. The physician, however, is sure of the con- trary and, as a rule, can convince the patient of it.

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