Sigmund Freud's Freud For Scholars. Extracts, Arranged by Topic and Ordered PDF

By Sigmund Freud

Freud For students. Extracts from whole works of Sigmund Freud, prepared by means of subject and ordered by way of date.

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515> Relative strength of the instincts at the time of falling ill. <515> Reinforcement of the instincts at certain times of life (puberty, menopause, loss of sexual object). [See also topic 2929] <515> Role played by Fate (marriage, loss of spouse). <5142> Unfavourable fixations of the libido. <1002> Unsuitablity of the narcissistic disorders for treatment. <1002> Age. Psychical inertia. Adhesiveness of the libido. <513> Table of Contents Secondary factors which may cause a relative weakening of the ego.

See also topic 263] <195> Origins of the sense of morality. [See also topic 262] <3827> Civilization in relation to the instincts, in general. Civilization and society are founded upon repression and renunciation of instinct <65> Civilization in relation to the sexual instinct Society's suppression of the sexual instinct, in general. <3533> Civilization at the expense of the sexual instinct, in particular. <368> Civilization as requiring the renunciation of certain erotogenic zones as unserviceable <3803> As a result of repression, the sexual instinct is forced to find alternative sources of satisfaction, <1787> to take detours, roundabout paths to satisfaction.

1885> We do not concern ourselves with individual symptoms per se. <2729> Their resolution comes about as a by-product of the analysis. <2729> The taking of notes during an analytic session <5055> Pros and cons of psycho-analytic therapy Pros As being powerful, and possibly dangerous, in the wrong hands. Analogy with surgery. <2720> As the most thorough-going of the therapeutic modalities <2481> Distinctions from other forms of therapy. ) <2404> Psycho-analysis as a deep therapy. <2404> As being the only means of arriving at a knowledge of the unconscious material.

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