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By David Godwin

Some of the most depended on reference works ever released at the Cabala has been revised and improved. that includes a brand new and extra usable structure, this e-book is a whole consultant to cabalistic magick and gematria within which each demon, angel, strength and identify of God ... each Sephirah, direction, and aircraft of the Tree of existence ... and every characteristic and organization is absolutely defined and cross-indexed by means of the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms.

All entries are actually included into one complete dictionary. There are 1000's of recent entries and illustrations, making this ebook much more worthy for Cabalistic pathworking and meditation. It now has many new Hebrew phrases and names, in addition to the phrases of Freemasonry, the entities of the Cthulhu mythos, and the Aurum Solis spellings for the names of the demons of the Goetia. It includes real Hebrew spellings, and a brand new advent that explains the makes use of of the publication for meditation on God names.

The Cabalistic schema is local to the human psyche, and Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia could be a useful reference device for all Cabalists, magicians, students and scientists of all disciplines.

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Inp but not the final f* in f l T O N ; hence his greater total is 4353 rather than 5163). Otherwise, he agrees with Trachtenberg. ) Abimelech— 5 8 3 or 103 A king of the Philistines 213 Abir—TDK The Almighty Abiriron—'JITTDJ? 1198 or 548 The Clayish Ones, Qlippoth of Libra Aboha—KITQK Angel of third decanate of Sagittarius 15 Abg-tatz-qerashaten - Achad Rosh 7 A B O M l N A T l O N - s e e Thoabath ABOVE—-see Maal Abracadabra Magic word used to cure fevers and to ward off the plague. v. See also Abrahadabra.

In a few instances, such as with the names of the Olympic Planetary Spirits, I have supplied my own version of likely Hebrew spellings where none are otherwise available. The Hebrew spellings of the Goetic demons are Crowley's (but see below). The names of the angels of the 12 astrological houses are to be found in various sources as the angels of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and the English spellings of these names indicate in some instances that the Hebrew spellings given both by Crowley and Regardie contain misprints.

Adam Belial—^ft^n DIN 6 7 8 or 1 1 8 "Man Without God"; an arch-demon corresponding (according to A. E. Waite) to Chokmah Adam lllah—ntfri? Heavenly Man DIN (Aramaic) 721 or 1 6 1 Achar - Adramelek Adam Q a d m o n - F T 9 1 4 5 5 or 2 4 5 The archetypal man Adam v e - C h a v v a h — H i m 6 3 0 or 7 0 Adam and Eve Adar-TIK The sixth month of the Jewish calendar, FebruaryMarch, corresponding roughly to the period when the Sun is in Pisces Adh-ltf 2 0 5 74 Eternity, duration; booty; durmg Adhom—DTK 6 0 5 or 4 5 Red Adimiron—]1"TQ,""JK 9 7 1 or 3 2 1 The Bloody Ones, Qlippoth of Taurus A d o n a i — 6 5 "My Lord"; a name of God originally used as a euphemism for HUT.

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