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By Patrick Zalewski

Alternatives up the place the printed types of the Golden Dawn's Enochian fabric go away off. in line with the examine and unpublished papers of Macgregor Mathers, this booklet opens new avenues of use for the program.

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In the 19308, Campbell told Taylor that Garstin was having second thoughts about using the Order's version of the Governors. He preferred the version given in Dee's Liber Scientiae, Auxilii, et Victoriae Terretris. On the Governors Applied to the Globe , The application ofthe Governors of the Aethyrs to the Globe; is my own concept and based on gaps in the Order's papers. The i point of reference is naturally a subjective one and I would en- ; courage others to work out their own starting points using the latitudes I have given.

I personally believe they were derived from some of the ad ditional letters added to the Squares and then traced the sam way as the Governors. This could be the reason for the addition 34 Golden Dawn Enocntan Magic portion. They bring in and depose kings and all gooernmente upon the Earth and they [Jary the nature of things: with the variation ofevery movement. Unto them, the providence ofthe eternaljudgement is already opened. ) From this we have a direct line of authority baclk to the seven Archangels of the Heptagon in the Holy Seal-the Sigillum Dei Aemeth-as follows: Zadkiel, Cumael, Raphael, Hamiel, Michael, and Gabriel.

For example, whe n thes e Angels are in- 8 Golden Dawn J::;nocman MagIc I I When conducting Golden Dawn rituals, there is a very realI effect from these seals. For example, when these Angels are in.. yoked, they produce a curtain which holds the various hierar.. chies of the Tablets together and allows the seals, placed above each corresponding tablet, to be a cementing factor. Hermes Tern pIes in New Zealand, a great deal of experimentation was don with these seals. Although their colors were manufactured by th Order, they nevertheless produced a controlling quality whic everyone who worked with the tablets could feel.

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