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Constructions are combinatorial buildings effectively exploited to review teams of varied forms. The vertex set of a construction should be clearly decomposed into subsets referred to as Grassmannians. The publication includes either classical and newer effects on Grassmannians of structures of classical forms. It offers a latest interpretation of a few classical effects from the geometry of linear teams. The awarded equipment are utilized to a few geometric structures non-related to constructions - Grassmannians of infinite-dimensional vector areas and the units of conjugate linear involutions. The publication is self-contained and the requirement for the reader is a data of uncomplicated algebra and graph conception. This makes it very appropriate to be used in a direction for graduate scholars.

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4. If V and V are finite-dimensional then every collineation of Π∗V to Π∗V is induced by a semilinear isomorphism of V to V . Proof. Let f be a collineation of Π∗V to Π∗V . It can be considered as a collineation of ΠV ∗ to ΠV ∗ . By the Fundamental Theorem of Projective Geometry, the latter collineation is induced by a semilinear isomorphism u : V ∗ → V ∗ and f (S) = u(S 0 )0 for every linear subspace S ⊂ V of codimension 1. 3, we have f = (ˇ u)1 in the finite-dimension case. 11. Show that every semicollineation of Π∗V to Π∗V collineation if dim V = dim V < ∞.

Let v : M → R be a non-zero continuous linear functional. Then Ker v is a closed linear subspace of codimension 1 and S := l −1 (Ker v) is a closed linear subspace of codimension 1 in N . 5 in [Rudin (1973)]). Consider a continuous linear functional w : N → R such that Ker w = S. We fix z ∈ N satisfying w(z) = 1. Every x ∈ N can be presented in the form x = y + w(x)z, where y ∈ S. 3) (since l(y) ∈ Ker v). Let X be a bounded subset of N . 3) guarantees that the same holds for v(l(X)). Since v is arbitrary July 2, 2010 14:9 World Scientific Book - 9in x 6in Linear Algebra and Projective Geometry ClassicalBuilding 35 taken, the set v(l(X)) is bounded for every continuous linear functional v : M → R, in other words, l(X) is weakly bounded.

Let {Si }i∈I be the connected components of the diagram associated with a Coxeter system (W, S). We define Wi := Si for every i ∈ I. 9 in [Bourbaki (1968)]. A Coxeter system (W, S) is called finite if W is finite (the group W does not need to be finite if S is finite). 1 in [Bourbaki (1968)]): An Bn = C n July 2, 2010 14:9 50 World Scientific Book - 9in x 6in ClassicalBuilding Grassmannians of Classical Buildings Dn E6 E7 E8 F4 4 G2 3 H3 3 H4 i l2 (i), i = 3 or i ≥ 5 Let W be a group generated by a set S.

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