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By Yu L. Dokshitzer, P. Levai, J. Nyiri

Vladimir Naumovich Gribov was once one in all most eminent theorists, a key determine within the construction of the fashionable basic particle physics. His many discoveries are recognized and good permitted via the physics group (Gribov-Regge idea of excessive power hadron interactions, Gribov vacuum pole - Pomeron, Reggeon box concept parton evolution equations, neutrino oscillations, Gribov copies in non-Abelian gauge box theories, etc.). a few of his principles glance unacceptable and weird on the first look. Even on the moment look. these days, less than the load of recent theoretical advancements and experimental effects, his rules are receiving the popularity they deserve. The Gribov Memorial Workshop, prepared on his seventy fifth birthday in Budapest, Hungary in 2005, in actual fact validated the wealth and fertilization strength of his principles. shut colleagues, more youthful fans, global specialists of the quark-hadron international have amassed jointly to demonstrate new angles of the Gribov background, and to recollect the character of a superb guy. This ebook collects the talks provided at, and contributed to, the Gribov-75 Memorial Workshop.

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