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The depressed mucosa is occupied entirely by well-differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma. Same histology is seen in the inner half of the marginal elevated mucosa. (Pt no. 2762, x 20) Mucosa surrounding the cancerous lesion is almost always affected by diffuse and severe intestinal metaplasia. Pyloric or pseudopyloric glands, however, may be seen near the basal layer of the marginal elevated mucosa. In general, size and depth of the cancerous depression are proportional to each other and are indicative of the grade of cancerous invasion.

Part I. Clinical classification. ]pn] Surg 11: 127-139 14. Kajitani T (1976) Surgical treatment for gastric cancer. Their contribution to improvement in the five-year survival rate. Asian Med] 19: 915-935 15. Kato Y, Kitagawa T, Nakamura K, Sugano H (1981) Changes in the histologic types of gastric carcinoma in Japan. Cancer 48: 2084-2087 16. Kennedy B] (1970) TNM classification for stomach cancer. Cancer 26: 971-983 17. Kim KH, Chi CH, Lee SK, Lee D, Kubo T (1972) Histologic types of gastric carcinoma among Koreans.

7%). Type I was not found at all in this group. 7%) (Fig. 22). 22. Differing frequency of macroscopical types of gastric cancer in young and old patients A comparison of patient age and histological types of cancer reveals that the two factors are closely correlated. For example, in 305 patients under 35 the highest frequency was that of low-grade glandular formation followed by middlegrade and high-grade glandular formation, while the order of frequency was exactly the opposite in 924 patients over 65.

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