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By James R. Flynn

Develop into the grasp of your world

Presents 20 key ideas, or keys, to help severe thinking

Authored by means of one of many world's most outstanding psychologists - and founding father of the Flynn Effect

Looks at subject matters corresponding to Race and IQ, "good" technology and the present global financial crisis

Written in a transparent and lucid variety, illustrated with many examples

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The last word belongs to Frederick Law Olmsted. When traveling through the antebellum American south, he found laws against educating blacks defended on the grounds that blacks could no more learn to read or write than animals or maniacs. He asked, why, then, there were no laws on the books forbidding people to teach animals and maniacs how to read. It may appear that racists have a third option, namely, to restate their principles, so as to save logical consistency. ” Philosophers sometimes invent such evasions to show the limitations of the demand for logical consistency.

You can say that someone who works with their hands is not a real worker unless they live up to your ideal, but now we are getting tautologies rather than history. ” However, it is often used when they have been challenged about the record of Christianity as an historical influence, the slaughter of heretics, the persecution of the Jews, Crusaders and their unprovoked wars against Islam, the follies of Christian missionaries, Priests telling soldiers that their cause is just, the use of the concept of heaven to reconcile the exploited to their lot.

It may be foolish to say humane ideals ought to be accepted by those who loathe them, but it would be equally absurd to say they ought to be dismissed by those who cherish them. Let us clarify what objectivity entails, so we can be clear about what ethics is missing. Science is possible because some people’s visual experiences (and the propositions of fact they base on their vision) are worthy of regard from others, despite the fact that others may not share those visual experiences. If you and I are standing at the back of a lecture room, and, thanks to astigmatism, you see a blur on the white board at the front while I see a circle, I can make a prediction that will show you that my visual experiences are better “truth-finders” than your own.

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